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Most people want white teeth, yet white spots on your teeth may not be as desirable. Even with whitening treatments and regular brushing, white spots can be difficult to remove.


We offer Resin Infiltration treatments to help reduce or remove white spots and enamel defects from your teeth before they cause major dental concerns so you can have a healthier, more beautiful smile. 


When you go in for a resin infiltration treatment, we will first prepare your teeth using a special cleaner to allow the resin to penetrate the pores and fill in the defect in your tooth.


By using capillary action, it allows the resin to fill in the damaged area of your tooth completely.


Once the resin has hardened, it will protect the lesion from cavity-causing bacteria and reduce the appearance  of white spots on your tooth’s surface.

Amarillo Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics
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